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WELCOME TO OUR PMP Music Production 

  Our PMP Music Production Corp. is your one-stop spot for all of your professional music needs. We offer music for Film, TV show, Animation and Video game. Our team include professional composers, music producers, music editors, conductors, musicians, music recording engineers, music mixers and sound designers. PMP can provides various music styles to fit your needs, from classical to pop, full orchestra to electronics. Our team also have years of experience working in film industry with leading companies such as Warner Brothers, Sony, Netflix, Digital Domain, China film group, VEVO and many others.


On Wings Of Love

An epic orchestral cue. Recorded at Warner Brothers Eastwood Scoring Stage with 60 piece Hollywood Studio Symphony


Various Styles

A Showcase of our various musical styles edited into one track! All pieces were drawn from different film, animation and television projects we worked on.



A Showcase of our various Sci-fi/Fantasy genre music.




Featured Works


A Showcase of our various Action genre music.





A Showcase of our various Anitamion genre music.





A Showcase of our various Comedy genre music.





A Showcase of our various Horror genre music.





A Showcase of our various Romatic/Drama genre music.





A Showcase of our various Exotic genre music.